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21 Day Dr. Sebi Inspired Detox With Revitalize Herbal Package

21 Day Dr. Sebi Inspired Detox With Revitalize Herbal Package

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21-Day Dr. Sebi Inspired Detox With Revitalize Herbal Package

Our Revitalize Package gives the body a most needed cleanse on a cellular level along with bio-available nutritional support. Cellular detoxification occurs through the elimination of built-up, and stagnant waste. Revitalize helps release toxins, through the loosening and unclogging of elimination channels and releases an extraordinary cleansing effect overall. The cleanse ignites a concert of reactions throughout the eliminatory organs. The alkalizing electric herbs have an astringent effect on mucus and quench the burning acids, eliminate toxins, and significantly rid the body of inflammation. Revitalize will assist your body with better absorption rates to allow minerals to enter the body, and focus the body's defense system on a cellular level rejuvenation. The body will go through a series of cleansing effects with lasting outcomes.

The Revitalize Cleansing Package comes with 4 separate cleansing formulas working in concert to provide detoxification on a cellular level. 

Oxygenation - blend designed to infuse the body with mineral-rich nutrients that revitalize and oxygenate the body fully. These herbs will aid in cleaning and restoring the body on a cellular level.  

Magnetic - is formulated to nourish and clean the blood, as well as support the body throughout the detoxification process.
This blend has been known to relieve chronic conditions like arthritis, clean the kidneys and allow them to begin filtering properly. This process causes the body to release toxins as well as inflammation.  

Chelation - formulated to rid the body of toxins, pathogens, and heavy metals. The body will release waste, stress, and inflammation that are responsible for severe joint pain and digestive disorders.

Endocrine - Assist your adrenal glands! This combination is best known to control blood sugar and strengthen the endocrine system. The endocrine system controls most processes in the body, from growth to sexual function, mood, and even sleep. These alkaline herbs combined help to enhance and regenerate the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, ovaries, and prostate!

1/2 Pound Honduras Wild Sea Moss

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