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Vegan Cooking Classes - Online or In-person

Vegan Cooking Classes - Online or In-person

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In this class, Swazette will teach you key skills to whip up nutritious, scrumptious meals. Imagine preparing delicious meals in about the time it takes to order out food, pick it up and bring it home. The best thing about cooking for yourself is the control over what goes into your body - no hidden ingredients, and you'll end up making much better food choices. 

The Schedule At A Glance:

Session 1 - Sauces, spice blends, dips, and cheese replacements

Session 2 - Appetizers, beverages, and snacks

Session 3 - Main Course and bread  

Session 4 - Desserts


A full syllabus will be provided in advance along with a list of ingredients for each item prepared.

You'll learn:

  • How to transform simple whole ingredients in a short amount of time into quick cooking techniques to cut the time it takes to prepare long-cooking ingredients.
  • Techniques to plan and prepare meals ahead for healthy but quick, last-minute meals and snacks.
  • Meal-prepping and re-heating techniques.
  • Whip up soups, stir-fries, and one-dish meals in minutes utilizing whatever you have on hand
  • Quick breakfasts to power your brain and your day
  • Healthy desserts and snacks
  • Savvy grocery Shopping techniques‚ÄĒhow and where to shop, and what to look for so you won‚Äôt be seduced by marketing hype
  • This course¬†will help you unleash your creativity in the kitchen without stressing over long lists of ingredients and recipes that never look like the pictures!

All cooking skill levels are welcome and this course will benefit vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eater.


Meet the host: Coach Swazette

Swazette's been assisting individuals online and in-person with embracing a healthy lifestyle through learning how to cook and prepare healthy vegan meals as well as leading many on seven to thirty-day detoxes. Swazette has touched the lives of thousands and has helped many of the  


Two 30-minute mentoring sessions in the month following the classes, to guide you through any roadblocks or challenges you may be facing. This way you'll have great success in making your skills a permanent part of your lifestyle.