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7-Day Detox

7-Day Detox

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Strengthen the Body's Natural Defense On A Cellular Level 

This 7 Day Detox comes with meal planning, recipes, daily accountability videos streamed live, and instructions. This is an excellent tool to aid the body in eliminating waste, stagnant fluids, inflammation, and harmful pathogens. The meals in the guide are made from ingredients known to create the least amount of mucus in the body. Herbal teas ate also included and the wild sea moss will infuse and electrify the body with essential organic minerals.

Taking a break from eating 100% cooked allows us to save on both time and money and these valuable resources can be used in other aspects of life. These 7 Days are filled with electric juices, teas, smoothies, salads, noncooked dishes, and even a dessert all with recipes to take the guesswork out of this 7 Day Detox. 

Eating raw and clean has many documented health benefits and although this guide is not intended to treat or cure any illness; it will provide the body with an environment conducive to being restored, energized, and rejuvenated. If you are currently being seen by a physician please get permission to participate.



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