100% Pure Batana Oil With Salve - 4oz


100% Batana Oil is only found on the Coast of Honduras (La Moskitia Region). The Miskito people are referred to as “Tawira” which means “People of BEAUTIFUL hair” This product has not only been proven to be a miracle oil for hair but for scars (skin) as well! 

The regular use of batana oil helps with the following:


*Repairs and Nourishes damaged hair

*Restores dryness


*Hair loss

*Adds body

*Gives a beautiful shine

*Prevents grays (It naturally turns hair brownish after a few uses) No more Grays!

*Encourages hair growth

*Strengthens hair


*Rejuvenates skin

*Prevents and diminishes scars (stretch marks)

*Smoothes skin

Apply a nickel-sized amount of the oil to your hair as a daily moisturizer and give your hair a deep conditioner with the oil weekly. Deep conditioner or preconditioner: mix 1-2 tbs of the oil with 1/2 cup of sea moss gel and apply to the hair and scalp. Cover with a plastic cap for 20 minutes and if using as a pre-shampoo conditioner; rinse and follow with shampoo. If using as a deep conditioner after shampooing, simply rinse from the hair after. 

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