Wild Sea Moss 1/4 LB


Wild Sea Moss - Powerful superfood harvested with integrity from the Caribbean and dried under the sun! 

Benefits of Using Sea Moss: 

    • Rid the Body of Mucus 

      In addition to its heavy mineral count, Sea Moss is full of Potassium Chloride, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Chlorophyll, the main nutrients responsible for dissolving inflammation or mucus in the respiratory and lymphatic system. This makes Sea Moss a natural decongestant. Even better, Sea Moss contains anti-viral and antimicrobial compounds that help the body fight off infection and boost the immune system. It's a must-have for anyone with frequent allergies or experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms. 

      2. Thyroid Support 

      Most women are diagnosed with Thyroid issues in their pubescent years. Since the Thyroid is mainly responsible for regulating hormones, an imbalance can lead to fertility issues, menstrual problems, and/or fibroids. These Thyroid disorders are typically caused by a lack of iodine and/or selenium. This is where Irish Moss elevates itself. It is packed with more iodine and selenium than any other food on the planet. In the Caribbean, Irish Moss is part of the local diet, it explains why significantly fewer women are diagnosed with Thyroid Disorders. 

      3. Digestive Health 

      Because of the soothing effects of Sea Moss on the mucous membranes in the body, it works as an amazing digestive aid. It coats the stomach and helps to heal the body of ulcers. In addition, it helps to alleviate acid reflux by providing probiotics for improved gut health. Sea Moss is also packed with fiber that regulates bowel movement and alleviates gas. 

      4. Mood Enhancement 

      Sea Moss Benefits would not be so widespread if it wasn't for its high essential mineral content. Potassium helps our body maintain healthy mental and emotional function. A lack of it leads to anxiety, irritability, and depression. Because Potassium can't be stored, we need an adequate supply of our food. Irish Moss packs more potassium than two bananas. This makes it the premier food to boost mental health and uplift mood. 

      5. Sexual Health and Fertility In the Caribbean, Irish Moss is most commonly used as a natural aphrodisiac for men. It is touted as a potent natural sexual enhancer. The rich zinc content makes it ideal for boosting testosterone and male performance. In addition, it helps to increase sperm count and motility. 

      So does Sea Moss really increase sexual performance? 

      It depends on who you ask--nutritionally, the rich zinc content along with all the right vitamins and minerals make a convincing case. I've also heard many in-person stories and consume Sea Moss regularly, so personally, I believe it. You've got nothing to lose from trying it out, it benefits your whole body, and it is great for both men and women. In addition, when prepared properly, and blended with a few ingredients, it tastes quite delicious. Scroll to the bottom to find my favorite recipe with preparation instructions. 

      6. Weight Loss 

      Irish Moss's iodine content helps to boost metabolism and increase energy. In addition, its ability to absorb moisture and increase bulk creates the feeling of fullness, which helps to decrease appetite. The gentle laxative effect of Sea Moss also helps to process waste through the body faster, and accelerate weight loss. 

      7. Packed with Essential Nutrients 

      Wild Sea Moss is packed with essential minerals to supply the body with daily nutrients to help restore, repair, and support healing.

      8. Anemia Relief 

      A lack of oxygen in the blood results in lower hemoglobin levels and decreased red blood cell count. This condition is usually diagnosed as anemia. Irish Moss, which is rich in iron helps to maintain a healthy red blood cell count, and fight this condition. Another algae that help to fight anemia is Spirulina, a green superfood packed with iron and B vitamins, click here to read more about its wonderful benefits. 

      9. Improve Joint Health 

      Sea Moss's anti-inflammatory properties help to decrease swelling in and around the joints. In addition, it soothes the soft tissue and promotes motility. This algae is a go-to for anyone suffering from Arthritis, joint pain, or even athletes desiring to speed recovery after intense workouts. 

      10. Speed recovery after surgery 

      New research has demonstrated Sea Moss' ability to strengthen connective tissue and decrease recovery time associated with invasive procedures. Its rich nutrient profile supplies all the essentials for rebuilding and strengthening the body. 

      11. Prevent Radiation Poisoning 

      In cancer patients, the gentle laxative effects of Sea Moss not only cleanse the body, but absorb toxins associated with radiation, and expel them as well. Irish Moss' high iodine content also helps to reduce the side effects associated with radiation and chemotherapy

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