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3 Herbal  Infusions Blend

3 Herbal Infusions Blend

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These Electric Herbal Infused Blends will provide the body with all your daily nutrients.  

1) Iron Blend is infused with iron-building herbs derived from non-hybrid wild-grown plants, the iron phosphate contained in this blend allows it to electrically assimilate with our body, providing increased energy by producing hemoglobin, the substance that helps red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body.

2) Berry Lime Aide Sea Moss Infused - This berry-lime aide beverage is delicious and filled with essential minerals.  Our wild sea moss gel is a mineral-based cell food that provides minerals throughout the body.  Sea moss is said to eliminate bad breath, pulmonary illnesses (respiration, coughs), and dysentery; dissolves the fat and is a natural diuretic. It calms the appetite, improves digestion, ulcers, regulates bowel movements, obesity, skin, kidney, and heart disease.

3) Elderberry & Ginger Tea - Elderberry tea is rich in nutrients, can boost a healthy immune system, is free from caffeine, and is considered to be a safe and side-effect-free drink to enjoy daily.