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14 - Day Blueprint To Better Health

14 - Day Blueprint To Better Health

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Swazette's Health Blueprint is a two-to- three-dimensional plan that provides a detailed visual representation to be used as a tool to arrive at a healthy outcome.  Swazette's Health Blueprint specifies a detailed outline for an intentional daily routine, plant-based recipes to create healthy & delicious meals, and introduce you to new foods and perspectives on obtaining a healthier body from the inside out. 

What To Expect Inside the 14-Day Blueprint 

  • A suggestive timeline to follow throughout the 14 days 
  • videos tutorials to help you prepare the meals listed
  • Full recipes 

Each Day You Will Consume: 

  • Wraps
  • Fresh smoothies
  • Fresh juices
  • Salads With homemade dressings
  • Fresh Fruits 
  • Hot teas and other beverages like infused water
  • Fresh meals like lasagna, pasta, and even cheesecake

The 14-Day Blueprint Is Ideal for

Add a 16oz jar of sea moss gel to be used during the detox 

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