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Duck Flower Detox Pack
Duck Flower Detox Pack

Duck Flower Detox Pack

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These are Honduras duck flowers from the wild. They were 

Freshly harvested and dehydrated for preservation. 

Duck Flowers, aka "The Duck," are beautiful, magnificent flowers that are ingested to detoxify the body. It is a very quick and violent detox. Dr. Sebi describes this form of detox as the best way to detox. The Duck is famously used at Honduran herbalist Dr. Sebi's Usha Village. 

Duck Flower Discomforts: The severity of discomfort will vary, per person, from none to extreme. Stomach discomfort from aching to vomiting. Bowel movement to multiple bowel movements. Hot flashes to profusely sweating. And less or more discomfort. Discomforts last 3 to 8 hours on average. We will be offering the whole Duck Flower completely dried during the entire Duck Flower season. Some people eat Duck Flowers and have no discomfort, around 4 out of 100 people. We guarantee 100% Duck flower, not the violent detox. Without violent detox, the body is still having a strong detox.

You will receive instructions, 2 freshly dried Duck Flowers, and 1 Duck Powder Capsule.