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Bulk PREMIUM Wild Sea Moss 5 pounds (Honduras)

Bulk PREMIUM Wild Sea Moss 5 pounds (Honduras)

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  • Wild Sea Moss 5 lbs   

Wild Bulk Sea Moss High-Grade - Powerful superfood harvested with integrity dried under the sun!

Benefits of Using Sea Moss: 

    • Rids the body of excess mucus
    • Thyroid support
    • Digestive support 
    • Mood enhancement
    • Supports reproductive health 
    • Healthy weight management 
    • Full of essential minerals
    • Joint health
    • Aids in recovery after surgery 
    • Supports overall health 

Launch your sea moss gel business and be the wild sea moss gel connection for your friends, families, and those in your community. We will assist you with establishing your new sea moss gel business if needed. We will provide you with a 1:1 consultation to answer questions you may have as well as to share a vendor list for containers, labels, and marketing insight to help you successfully create an additional income stream. 

After purchasing, we will contact you via email or text to schedule a 1:1 consultation within 48 hours. 

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