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14 Day Alkaline Smoothie Detox With Herbs

14 Day Alkaline Smoothie Detox With Herbs

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With the 14-Day Alkaline Smoothie Detox, you will be off to a GREAT start in achieving your health & wellness goals. We realize how important it is to restore our health through the regenerating of our organs, tissues, muscles, skin, cells, pH, and more. We also know fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are key to achieving these goals.
Over 14 days you will consume the highest vibrating foods available to assist in restoring and rejuvenating the body. You will receive 100% electric non-compromised smoothie recipes & an alkaline smoothie mix to be used for the entire 14 days.

What Comes With The Detox:

  • 14 Day Alkaline Smoothie Detox Guide With Full Recipes (PDF)
  • Alkaline smoothie mix to be added to each smoothie (shipped)
  • 1/8 pound of whole sea moss (shipped)
  • 2 week supply of wild soursop leaves (shipped)
  • Daily emails/texts to support, educate and motivate throughout the detox (email/text)
  • Meal suggestions at the conclusion of the 14 days to help transition back to cooked & solid meals. (email)
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