Group Mentoring- Weekly Live Cooking & Meal Prepping Online Club

Receive Weekly Group Coaching to provide Guidance, and Steps To Take Action Towards Achieving Your Health Goals With Swazette’s Coaching Club. 


Get peace of mind and reach your health & wellness goals at any time, and at your own pace.

Becoming a member of Swazette’s Coaching Club means

  • no rigid schedules or set the pace because of 24/7 access to club content
  • Swazette will provide valuable weekly coaching videos, resources, and tools 
  • A new feature to the Coaching Club - A private Facebook Group for daily interaction with each other throughout the week. 

Swazette's Coaching Club Will Provide You With:

A Monthly Meal Guide

A monthly meal guide filled with delicious, quick & easy to prepare meals. Each member will have access to a completely new menu monthly to take the guesswork out of what to eat or how to prepare it. Each recipe provides a nutritional value and the number of servings it will provide. Each week there is a grocery shopping list as well as a weekly printout of the menu to help you plan better with meal prepping.

Weekly Live Cooking / Meal Prep Tutorials

Each week Swazette and her team will create and upload into the club video cooking tutorials to provide demonstrations on how to prepare everyday items like nut milk, smoothie combinations, herbal tea blends, sea moss gel, meal prepping, kitchen overhaul, self-care, and so much more.

A Quarterly Detox

Swazette will teach you why detoxing is important and she will introduce you to a variety of detoxes that when applied can assist the body with getting back to an alkaline state.

Herbal Knowledge

"There's an Herb for Every System Every Organ Every Gland and Every Tissue of Our Body Mother Nature Has Put Medicine in Our Food" Bob Marley

Swazette and her team will help you realize how herbs will create an alkaline environment for optimal healing and overall wellness.

Each month Swazette will select and upload a new Ebook just for club members that are related to overall wellness.

Hear what others are saying about partnering with Swazette

 "Working with Swazette has been amazing"

"Each year I Detox with Swazette and her group"


 "Swazette has become a friend to me"

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